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Bio & discography

Daniel Bellegarde, Canadian percussionist of Haitian origin based in Montreal, Daniel is a self-taught musician since 1984. He perfected his percussion skills with Yaya Diallo and Georges Rodriguez in Canada and then in France with Cyrille Daumont, Michel Réman and Silvano Michelino. He made a name for himself alongside legendary Quebec artist Robert Charlebois, Haitian singer Émeline Michel, Brazilian artists Bïa and Paulo Ramos and the Cirque du Soleil. As a freelance musician, he can be heard on more than 50 albums as a studio musician, notably on Daniel Bélanger's Quatre saisons dans le désordre album or Richard Desjardins' Kanasuta album...and on a dozen film soundtracks including the films Black Soul and Un dimanche à Kigali.

At the end of 2017 he produced his first solo album, Anba Tonèl (under the arbour), the result of a research and creation work on the West Indian music that rocked his childhood. Fascinated by the history of Haiti that his grandfather wrote in 1903 and by old and traditional music, Daniel presents a repertoire of quadrille, contredanse, minuet-kongo, waltz and troubadour! By creating new arrangements, this musical heritage is also enhanced by original compositions of the artist.


 Winner of a Global Music Awards in 2018 (USA), the album was also nominated for the Canadian Folk Music Awards in 2018 and the Independent Music Awards in 2019 (USA). English UK magazine RnR (Rock-n-Reel) quoted this ... the songs and tunes here are quite beautiful and these arrangements do them full justice. Songlines UK magazine called this album... a breezily concise album! Everything about this record is first rate from the concept to the performance, Roots Music Canada.​

Continuing his trilogy of rural music from Haiti and the French West Indies, Daniel presents his 2nd album Pastourelle, offering a mix of Caribbean roots and Celtic and Brazilian influences.

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