Beyond the show


The activity begins with a brief historical and geographical explanation of the Caribbean.
The workshop is adapted according to the age of the students and takes place in a circle. The rhythms and basic drum sounds are then presented as well as various non - traditional percussions such as cheese grater, plastic materials, etc. By introducing some simple accompaniments, the student is asked to identify the different sounds on the drum.

We repeat the basic rhythms and then we incorporate interactive exercises of improvisation where each participant can choose the instrument to which he is most attracted, and bring his personal touch to musical harmony by following simple instructions. Then we incorporate exercises of memory and body percussion to create a musically rich group dynamics.
By teaching mimicry the traditional Caribbean rhythms we conclude the workshop by a group creation. At the end, each student leaves with a glossary on the terminology of the principal instruments and rhythms of the Antilles with the scores, if necessary

SOUND and RHYTHM Interactive and Therapeutic

SOUND and RHYTHM is a musical activity whose aim is to bring an interactive experience to a group of people through percussion.

Participants are placed in a circle in a safe and welcoming environment. Everyone is involved in playing percussion together in order to promote the unity of the group.​

Emphasis is not on performance, but on the development and well-being of the group. Through interactive games with percussion, this activity promotes communication and creativity.​

With instruments adapted to the clientele (frame drum, djembes, small percussions that one scratch, shake or strike with the stick or the hand), the percussion has the advantage of being accessible to everyone.

It is also an opportunity to create a place of positive belonging in addition to being a space of expression where the means of communicating is other than speech. The workshop values ​​self-esteem, listening, Concentration, memory while developing new abilities in the individual. Interactive percussion helps break down the isolation and reduction of stress and anxiety


A big THANK YOU to Daniel Bellegarde for the percussion workshops, strong in energy and creativity, gave to my school this week! Daniel facilitated a Caribbean percussion workshop for each of my groups, from grade 3 to grade 6, and special needs classes. I saw beautiful big smiles in the children's faces! :)

A beautiful week, very well paced !

To all my fellow music educators, Daniel is enrolled in the artist repertoire of "Culture at School"! A talented artist!


Thanks again for the beautiful week that spent with us at school!


Julie Savard taught music at Saint-Pierre Claver School

Montreal School Board


This workshop allowed students in Secondary 1 to 3 to make several relevant learnings with the Québec Education Program.

A flawless stay !


Geneviève Proulx taught music at Du Versant School, Gatineau,

Les Draveurs School Board


They loved the workshop and enjoyed the workshop for a long time to experiment with more rhythm and instruments.


Lucie Ledoux taught music at St-Edmond School, Greenfield Park,

Marie-Victorin School Board



Teachers and students really enjoyed your workshops. Thank you!

Marc Servant  school director Mère d'Youville, Iron School Board, Port Cartier



The pleasure was shared. Thank you to you and your beautiful energy!

Diane St-Laurent taught at Le Tournesol School, Beloeil, School Board of Patriots


Your visit to our school has been greatly appreciated. I have only had good comments about your workshops, both for small and large. Your activity has been a great success!

Mélanie Boudreault taught at l'Orée-des-Bois school  Laval School Board


Montreal, QC, Canada