Daniel Bellegarde has been on the music scene as a freelance percussionist since 1983. He studied percussion with Yaya Diallo and Georges Rodriguez in Quebec and then in Paris with Cyrille Daumont and Michel Reman. He participated in numerous tours in Quebec and internationally with Paulo Ramos, Robert Charlebois, Nico Beki, Emeline Michel, Lilison di Kinara, Said Mesnaoui, Bia or Cirque du Soleil.


On record or in show, he worked with several artists from different countries; Daniel Bélanger, Richard Desjardins, Kaoru Watanabe, Lokua Kanza, Beethova Oba, Francisco, Tanya Saint-Val, Marcos Valle, Mino Cinélu, Bet.e and Stef, Lorraine Klaassen ,Wesli, Ernesto Dabo, Maxime Leforestier, Zachary Richard or Michel Rivard, etc.


His varied career led him to return to the music that rocked his childhood; the music of Haiti and the French West Indies. Following the good advice of her journalist friend Chantal Jolis (CBC-Radio-Canada), he began to work and produced his first solo album Anba Tonèl, the fruit of a research and creation work on European influence in Caribbean music. From the countradance  (square dance) to the quadrille passing the minuet-Congo or Troubadour style, the percussionist plunges us under the arbor dancing melodies played in the 19th century.


In acoustic set-up (guitar, banjo, violin, manouba-bass, voice and percussion) he wants to share this  little known cultural heritage,  outside the West Indies.

A graduate of the Université of Montréal in Sociology, Daniel is  also involved in the school environment by giving Caribbean percussion workshops to children and teenagers with the program  La Culture à l'École  (Artist at School ) from  Québec  Ministry of Education. He is also engaged in the field of mental health in art therapy with his program Sound and Rhythm for the autistic and intellectual deficient by organizing sessions of interactive and therapeutic percussion. He has studied with several music therapists including Bill Matney from USA at the University of Ottawa on the therapeutic applications of percussion and its impact.In 2018,he is spokesperson for the Quebec  Week in Intellectual Disability.


Montreal, QC, Canada