Daniel Bellegarde occupies the music scene as a freelance percussionist since 1984. He studied percussion with Yaya Diallo and Georges Rodriguez in Quebec then in Paris with Cyrille Daumont and Michel Reman. He has participated in numerous tours in Quebec and internationally (Europe, Africa, North America and Asia) with Paulo Ramos, Robert Charlebois, Nico Béki, Émeline Michel, Lilison di Kinara, Said Mesnaoui, Bia or the Cirque du Soleil.


He can be heard on more than 50 albums as studio musician with artist such as Daniel Bélanger, Paulo Ramos, Richard Desjardins, Bet-e and Stef, Lorraine Klaassen, Wesli, Jim Hillman and the Merlin Factor, Lilison di Kinara or Bia.

His diverse background leads him to return to the music that rocked his childhood; Haiti and the French West Indies. He produced his 1st album Anba Tonèl at the end of 2017. The result of research and creation work on traditional Caribbean music from the 19th and 20th century. The repertoire is linked to quadrilles, minuets-Congo and troubadours. The acoustic formation (violin-Irish flute-banjo-guitar-rumba box-bass-percussion-voice) has toured in more than 50 shows. The album won the Global Music Awards in 2018 (USA). He was also nominated for the Canadian Folk Music Awards in 2018 and the Independent Music Awards in 2019 (USA).

A scholarship holder at the Canada Council for the Arts and Quebec Council for the Arts, Daniel is a member of the Culture at school repertoire from the Ministry of Education of Quebec by preparing Caribbean percussion workshops in more than 150 schools.


Member of the Fédération québécoise de l'Autisme, a Bac.sc graduate of the University of Montreal in sociology and certificate in Communication, Daniel is involved in the field of mental health by leading interactive and therapeutic percussion sessions in several specialized centers for autistic and disabled people. Following several music therapists, he studied at the University of Ottawa with American music therapist Bill Matney on the therapeutic applications of percussion and his impact.


Montreal, QC, Canada